High Performance® is a Registered Trade Mark.
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Rigging for aerial artists and
circus performance is
extremely specialised.

As a result we have made it
our business to be the very
best in this area.

This includes site visits,
consultations, planning &
pre-production, installation
and rigging with technical and
stage management support.

Comprehensive health and
safety documentation is also
provided to clients on each

High Performance
Productions has been
assessed as Contractor
Health and Safety Compliant
Video excerpts of a High Performance Project for the BBC and Comic Relief. High Wire installation,
training and Health and Safety management with Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton at Battersea
Power Station by High Performance.
High Performance provides rigging installation, consultancy, creative
solutions, safety services, training and inspection & testing for a wide
range of events and needs. These include . . .

•        Circus and theatre
•        Broadcast media
•        Studio, photographic and film
•        TV commercials and music videos
•        Live arena and concerts
•        Private and corporate events & parties
•        Outdoor festivals
•        Marquee’s and big-tops
•        Promotional events, launches and publicity campaigns

Listed Buildings & Heritage Site Rigging CLICK HERE

Outdoor and Indoor Aerial Structures CLICK HERE

Equipment Testing and Inspection

Regulations stipulate that any equipment used for lifting or
suspending people off the ground is required to have a report of a
thorough examination every 6 months. This is a legal requirement
and could invalidate your insurances if not kept up to date.
High Performance can arrange a visit or quotation to discuss your
needs and fulfil this requirement resulting in a regular certificated
examination scheme.
Newly built or installed systems and equipment can also be tested
and inspected by us and designated work load limits with certification.


High Performance offers a consultancy service for those wishing to
have technical, artistic or safety advice and solutions. Whether it’s for
a new creation or an overhaul of an existing piece we’d be happy to
meet and discuss your budget & needs. Our consultancy services
range from small to large scale events, theatrical productions &
promotional stunts.


Since 2003 High Performance has been involved with rigging tuition
as part of the university degree course at the National Centre for
Circus Arts (formerly The Circus Space) in London.

High Performance runs a two day training course in ‘
Fundamentals for Aerial Performance’. This course was
successfully trialled for the first time as part of the Irish Aerial Dance
festival 2012 and came about as result of an overwhelming demand
in the aerial performance and circus industry for fundamental
knowledge in rigging and safety.

Since its introduction in 2012 High Performance's "Rigging
Fundamentals for Aerial Performance" course has been successfully
run at various  locations in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland and
is rapidly continuing to grow in popularity within the theatre, climbing,
rigging and circus sectors.
If your organisation would like to host a two day course in ‘Rigging for
Aerial Performance’ please
CLICK HERE for a course description and