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Jonathan is best known as the original pioneer and founder of The
Circus Space.

Appearing at the legendary Billy Smarts, Bertram Mills & Fossett
Brother's circuses, he then pursued a career as an actor. His work
has since spanned nearly 30 years; performing, writing, directing,
designing, staging and producing numerous one-off events and
shows, including Film, Television, Video,' Rock and Roll ' and main
house Opera, Theatre, & Dance, where he specialized as a Rigger
and ' Wireman ' of flying effects.

His passion persistently brought him back to circus; equipping
'FoolTime', Britain's first circus school; the rig 'Design & Build' for
Belfast Community Circus; the refurbishment of The Gin Still at
Three Mills Studios and designing and equipping a 4.5 ton aerial
truss grid at Circomedia's new premises in Bristol. In between
times he has rigged for companies and productions across the UK
& Europe. Recently working with High Performance in the critically
acclaimed flying scene for 'Billy Elliot' the Musical. With continuing
Research & Development for RICSAT, Jonathan will no doubt soon
be referred to as the 'Elder Statesman' of Contemporary Circus'!
Jonathan P. Graham
Senior Technical Consultant

Circus Rigging, Production & Artists
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