Jonathan P. Graham
Senior Technical Consultant
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Circus - Production - Artists - Rigging - Studio
Jonathan is best known as the original pioneer and founder of National Centre for
Circus Arts in London, formerly known as 'The Circus Space'.

Appearing at the legendary Billy Smarts, Bertram Mills & Fossett Brother's circuses,
he then pursued a career as an actor. His work has since spanned nearly 30 years;
performing, writing, directing, designing, staging and producing numerous one-off
events and shows, including Film, Television, Video,' Rock and Roll ' and main house
Opera, Theatre, & Dance, where he specialised as a rigger and wireman of flying

His passion persistently brought him back to circus; equipping 'FoolTime', Britain's
first circus school; the rig 'Design & Build' for Belfast Community Circus; the
refurbishment of The Gin Still at Three Mills Studios and designing and equipping a
4.5 ton aerial truss grid at Circomedia's new premises in Bristol.

In between times he has rigged for companies and productions across the UK &

Previously working with High Performance in the critically acclaimed flying scene for
Billy Elliot the Musical and continuing Research & Development for circus, Jonathan
will no doubt soon be referred to as an 'Elder Statesman' of Circus'!